Generative AI Ads

Generative AI Ads

Transforming the ad landscape through AI-driven innovations, enhancing search experiences while preserving user privacy.

At the nexus of advancements in Search, we’re integrating generative AI to redefine advertising experiences. Our commitment is twofold: empowering businesses to reach their potential while prioritizing user trust and privacy.

Key Benefits

Smarter & Simplified Search: AI-powered capabilities for intuitive and enriched search outcomes.

Integrative Ad Displays: Seamless integration of ads in AI-driven snapshots and conversational interfaces.

Tailored Advertising: Generative AI crafting customized ads resonating with precise user search patterns.

Transparency Commitment: Distinctive ad demarcation with clear “Sponsored” labels ensuring transparency.

Privacy-Prioritized Future: Evolving with privacy-focused ad products, setting benchmarks in user trust.

Our Process

AI-Driven Evolution: Integrate generative AI to elevate the search and advertising landscape.

Search Experiments: Engage in Search Labs to be at the forefront of Search innovations.

Seamless Ad Integration: Effortlessly incorporate ads into AI-led search experiences.

Generative Customization: Harness AI to craft ads mirroring individual search journeys.

Transparency Upheld: Maintain user trust with clear and bold ad demarcations.

Privacy Prioritization: Build the future with products that prioritize user privacy.

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